Why is there a need for Black Men Run? Because the numbers don’t lie:

  • Among Blacks age 20 and older, 44.4% of men have Cardiovascular Diseases
  • In 2009, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) caused the deaths of 21,051 Black males
  • Blacks have a risk of first-ever stroke that is almost twice that of whites
  • Heart disease is the #1 cause of death for African American males

At Black Men Run we believe that running/jogging can change these alarming trends and we are here to encourage African American males to get out and be active. Research tells us that running on a regular basis not only benefits individuals from a physical standpoint but also increase mental sharpness. Studies show that running on a regular basis helps to boost your confidence, relieves stress and eliminates depression.

The premise here is simple and this is our core ask of anyone wanting to be a part of Black Men Run:

(1.) Take Running Seriously! Set weekly and monthly goals for distance and pace.

(2.) When you share your running routes on social media with apps like “Nike+ Running” and “Map My Run,” use the hashtag #blackmenrun. Using this hashtag will make the term searchable and help with spreading the word.

(3.) Start a Black Men Run Meetup in your city and encourage others to run in local races/events.

(4.) Share the Black Men Run website with others along with following Black Men Run on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

(5.) Purchase a Black Men Run t-shirt from our Gear  page to show support and to help spread the word.

(6.) Most of all, be an inspiration to others. Our goal is to gain momentum and a national following to have Black Men Run events around the USA

This is a movement that will grow quickly if we all stay committed to health and wellness.  We will make ourselves and our communities stronger.